Formula E has unveiled the final race calendar for the 2021 season. As the electric series confirmed on Thursday, it has to cancel its planned E-Prix in Morocco and Chile due to COVID travel restrictions.

The adjustments to the Formula E calendar had already been hinted at in recent weeks. For example, strict restrictions are currently making it difficult to enter Morocco, where the Marrakesh E-Prix was originally planned to be held on May 22. The Santiago E-Prix, which was initially scheduled to start the season and has since been postponed to June 5 and 6, also had to be canceled for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, Formula E is expecting a premiere in June. As a replacement for the Mexico City E-Prix, the electric series is moving its usual Central American round for the first time to Puebla, a city with a population of 1.5 million located around 100 kilometers southeast of Mexico City. The site of the racetrack in the Mexican capital, which has been used by Formula E since 2016, is currently being used as a temporary hospital for COVID patients and is therefore not available to the series.

The Puebla E-Prix is to be staged as a “double header” with two races on June 19 and 20. The races will directly follow the Monaco E-Prix in the calendar, which is scheduled to take place on May 8.

Also confirmed is the return of Formula E to the USA. The New York E-Prix is scheduled to start in Brooklyn on July 10/11. The electric series will then travel back to Europe to end its season with the London E-Prix on July 24 and 25 and the Berlin E-Prix on August 14 and 15. All the “new” dates are thus scheduled as “double headers”.

Race 1Diriyah (Saudi Arabia)February 26, 2021
Race 2Diriyah (Saudi Arabia)February 27, 2021
Race 3Rome (Italy)April 10, 2021
Race 4Rome (Italy)April 11, 2021
Race 5Valencia (Spain)April 24, 2021
Race 6Valencia (Spain)April 25, 2021
Race 7Monaco (Monaco)May 08, 2021
Race 8Puebla (Mexico)June 19, 2021
Race 9Puebla (Mexico)June 20, 2021
Race 10New York City (USA)July 10, 2021
Race 11New York City (USA)July 11, 2021
Race 12London (Great Britain)July 24, 2021
Race 13London (Great Britain)July 25, 2021
Race 14Berlin (Germany)August 14, 2021
Race 15Berlin (Germany)August 15, 2021

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