Harrison Burton will make his NASCAR Cup Series debut this weekend at Talladega, and he revealed he doesn’t feel comfortable from a rookie perspective in regards to racing aggressivity at the type of track.

“I definitely don’t feel comfortable,” he said when asked if he felt comfortable racing at Talladega. “I feel comfort in the discomfort, does that make sense?

“You understand there are going to be moments where especially watching the Cup race film, those Cup cars are aggressive. Everyone is all about wrecked every lap. And being prepared for that, and understanding that there is going to be discomfort, and trying to find a way to handle that adversity is something I’m excited about.

“It would probably be a little bit more simple to go to a short track and just run where you are going to run and do all of that, but it’s a crazy opportunity and I’m excited for it.”

Burton was asked if he had decided to make his Cup debut at Talladega, to which he denied but said that, as a driver, you have to be ready to race at any track.

“I don’t know if this is right or not, but I think Jon Gruden always says in football, ‘The best ability is availability’. In Racing, I guess it’s the same, right?

“When the opportunity comes, no matter what track, whether it’s a road course, a dirt track, oval or whatever, you have to be ready for it.”

The race at Talladega will take place next Sunday at 2 PM Eastern.

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