Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz thinks the Scuderia can beat McLaren at circuits that suit the characteristics of their car better than those who suit the British squad.

“I think it is very tight, honestly,” said Sainz when asked whether Ferrari or McLaren had the best car. “It is very difficult to pick from.

“I think the McLaren has its strengths and its weaknesses. But what makes it a really nice fight is that we are quick in very different places on the track and that makes it a very fun battle.

“It looked like in Imola, Lando did a very good job of exploiting the whole car potential, and he was on it the whole weekend especially from Saturday onwards, and he did a good race.

“Maybe they had a bit of the upper hand this weekend, and they had the upper hand, a tiny bit, the last two weekends, but as soon as we do a very good weekend and we go to a track that maybe favors us, I think we can be ahead,” he concluded.

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