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Miami GP track “will be fantastic”, says Domenicali

Stefano Domenicali. Credits: (Twitter)

The Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali believes that the Miami Grand Prix race track will be a success.

It was announced last Sunday that Miami GP would make its highly-anticipated debut in the pinnacle of motorsports in 2022. The race would take place in the Miami Gardens around Hard Rock Stadium, opposing the primary proposal, which included racing downtown, but that project was declined. However, Stefano Domenicali was sure that the newly-proposed track would be as good as the old one.

“As always, when you look for a different solution, you need to consider all the elements that make everyone happy. [There was] a lot of discussion for different layouts. I’m sure that the track you’re going to see around the Miami Hard Rock [Stadium] and Miami Gardens will be fantastic. We have built up something that will be spectacular,” Domenicali said.

“The community is really happy. One of the things that we as Formula 1 want is to be really integrated,” he added.

“Not only about the fact that there will be business opportunities for everyone, just to take the opportunity to get into the culture of Miami with the people, with the schools, with the people that are living close to the track. This is really something that will give an added value to the cultural meaning of what Formula 1 is,” the F1 CEO said in the conclusion.

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