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Hemric thinks “it’s my job to get us” to winning path

Daniel Hemric leads the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Martinsville. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

Daniel Hemric believes that he in the position to make the no.18 team a race-winning material.

Daniel Hemric is still yet to win his first NASCAR race, despite being extremely close on several occasions, especially this year. In 2021, Hemric has joined Joe Gibbs Racing, the team that is capable of winning races. Ahead of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega, Kannapoils’ native spoke about his desire to win.

“As far as the opportunity is to win, I literally get on the airplane, fly at the race track this year, knowing that Dave Rogers, my guys have prepared the race car that’s going to be capable of winning. It’s my job to get us to that point. And that’s a feeling that literally makes the paramount arms stand up because that’s something that you dream of,” Hemric told ASN Motorsports.

When I kind of bet on myself to make this move to JGR and had this opportunity, that’s what it was all about – trying to achieve that feeling. That’s something that I experienced a lot growing up racing. That’s what you kind of build your resume of and get your opportunities from is going and winning. And I wholeheartedly believe my heart every single week I got a shot to win and that’s tough to find, it’s tough to come by, that’s something that you definitely do not take for granted,” he added.

“And for sure, for like Talladega, it’s just as good of an opportunity as Martinsville was, as Vegas was and the races before that. That’s hard to find out about that,” Hemric said in the conclusion.

Daniel Hemric will try to get his first NASCAR race victory this Saturday at Talladega from the 2nd startins spot.

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