Jean Todt, president of the FIA, says Formula E deserves much more media attention than what it has received in the past.

The sport is growing immensely and the topic of “electric motors” is becoming bigger and bigger as climate change has made many car manufacturers rethink when it comes to powering a car.

The media would reveal too little and the races would not show up in the “local papers” either. This bothers Todt, who attended the E-Prix in Rome and also gave some interviews.

“Clearly, Formula E has developed very well. But still, we need to put a lot of pressure, we need a very strong coverage, we need media interest, we need the fan interest. That’s what we need to build. We want to promote electric mobility in cities and Formula E is great way to achieve that. It’s very special.”

The battle between the pilots is so open, as rarely in another series and that would make the sport so interesting, he says further.

“We have all the ingredients to have a very strong championship. We need to have that well-advertised. Sometimes I’m a bit bitter. When I see, for example, an expert magazine or paper, they don’t speak enough about it. It deserves much more. That’s what we need to improve for the championship.”

When asked how to implement this greater spread of news from the Formula E world, he said.

“It’s the work of all working together. For me, the success, you need to put in all the efforts. The teams are there, the venues are there, the specification of the championship is there. We need to inform well about it. We need to create interest.

“It’s kind of a niche championship, comparable to none of them, so we need to make sure that we highlight that and honestly that’s also our job at the FIA and the media’s job.”

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