Toto Wolff says he appreciates Aston Martin’s efforts of questioning the FIA but says the team is simply suffering from “collateral damage” from rules that were targeted to Mercedes.

Aston Martin has strongly questioned the FIA rulings regarding the 2021 regulations, saying they were developed against Mercedes and themselves, even saying the regulatory process was affected by commercial rights holders with other interests rather than competitive ones.

Mercedes F1 Team Principal Toto Wolff says he “respects” Aston Martin’s questioning of the new regulations, but that he believes the rules were made against Mercedes and that the British team is only suffering from collateral damage.

“I understand the topic, because of how the rules have fallen into place last year, one can always question what the motivation was,” Wolff told

“I think there is always certainly the right to review and look at things and discuss them with the FIA, to find out what has actually happened, and how have things happened.

“That’s why I respect Aston Martin’s inquiry into the whole thing. Maybe things were targeted at us, and they are collateral damage. So yeah. That’s OK.”

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