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Ricciardo “got to keep working” on race pace

Daniel RIcciardo at the Emilia Romagna GP. Credits: McLaren (Twitter).

Daniel Ricciardo admits that he still needs to improve his race pace at McLaren to fight for podium spots.

Daniel Ricciardo has already had two F1 races completed with McLaren – he has finished 7th in Bahrain and 6th in Imola. However, he has been outraced both times by his teammate Lando Norris, who has been 4th and 3rd respectively. The Australian believes that he still needs to work on his race performance to catch up with Norris.

“In the end, sixth from a points point of view is alright – but certainly my race pace wasn’t anything to do cartwheels over,” Ricciardo said.

“[My race pace] was certainly not particularly fast. I’ve just got to keep working on it. It’s one of those ones where obviously I’m hard on myself and obviously, I’m not skipping around… But I think by race six or race seven, I’ll look back at race two and think, ‘What was I worried about?'”

Ricciardo also acknowledged Lando Norris’ podium last Sunday and reassured that it would not impact his approach to racing.

“Lando had really strong pace all weekend and obviously put it on the podium today, so I take encouragement from that. I’m certainly not defeated by that, and I’m certainly going to accept where I’m at at the moment and just work on it. I’m not going to let pride or ego get in the way. It is race two of 23, the road is long and I’ll just keep my chin up and work on it,” Ricciardo commented.

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