Fernando Alonso is not happy with his performance at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix but says he expects to be better in the next race at Portimao.

Alonso finished the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in 11th place and was later promoted to 10th after a penalty was awarded to Kimi Raikkonen.

“I’ve changed things many times, even I changed category or different series in motorsport many times and there is always a period of adaptation,” Alonso said.

“But that has been never an excuse and it’s going to be not an excuse now.

“I should be better. I was not at the right level this weekend, but I will be in Portimao.”

Alonso was out-qualified by Esteban Ocon but says he is not concerned about his teammate being stronger yet.

“I was expecting exactly what we are finding now. I finished right behind Esteban today. I was in front of him when I retired the car in Bahrain, with a guy that is performing very well and was two years in the team. He finished in the podium last year in Bahrain,” He said.

“It was my second qualifying here and it is my first race here, because in Bahrain I only did 30 laps and I’m more or less where I expected it to be.

“We always want to be higher up and you want to be a little bit more confident in the car. Probably I was not confident in Bahrain or confident here. I will not be confident in Portimao. This is not a thing that goes from day to night and then you are 100 percent. It will take time.

“But I’m here to work and I’m here to get better. And a race like it helps massively because you can feel the car in very difficult conditions and you can learn a lot more than just a normal race.”

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