Max Verstappen has claimed victory of a rainy, chaotic Imola Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton finishing behind him and Lando Norris in third.

Verstappen’s post-race reaction expressed how challenging the track was at the start of the Grand Prix, it being slippery due to the rainy conditions. Despite that, the Dutchman believes himself and the team managed “everything well,” and that’s what got them their victory.

“It was very challenging out there, especially in the beginning. It was very hard to stay on track, it was very slippery. I think we managed everything well, then I had a little moment in my restart, but I mean, everything else went really well today.”

During the rolling restart after the red flag due to Bottas’s and Russell’s crash, Verstappen had a scary moment as he lost the rear of the car coming into the last corner, almost spinning. However, he saved it and was able to do the restart at the lead.

He explained that he “had a little moment trying to warm the tires with throttle, but luckily we didn’t spin.”

Verstappen was also asked about how he feels by Lewis Hamilton leading the championship by only one point, as the Briton got the fastest lap of the race. However, the Dutchman was quick to give a calm response, saying there’s a long way to go.

“It’s a long season so let’s stay calm.”

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