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Ricciardo needs to get rid of “old habits” at McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren F1 Team. Credits: Getty Images

Despite a good start at McLaren, Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo believes that some of the habits he picked up from previous F1 teams might be impeding him from getting the most out of his new car.

Following a challenging start to his Imola weekend, Ricciardo has said that he is working towards getting more confident in the McLaren, trying to forget some things that he learned from his past teams.

He said, “I try not to say as excuses from the past, but there are probably still some old habits that I need to still flush out a little bit, and things that perhaps don’t work as well for this car”.

Ricciardo will start this weekend’s race in P6, outqualying his teammate Lando Norris after the Brit’s P2 lap time got deleted for a track limits infringement.

“I think each lap I turn it is getting better. So when will I perfect it? Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I think naturally the more laps I do, the faster and faster I’ll get”, he added.

He continued by saying “Hopefully then we’ll start to see the real potential because it’s encouraging to be up in the mix (…) There is a lot to be excited for this year”.

“I’m certainly happy with the progress we’ve made [so far this weekend], and there’s still more to come. I’ll be patient yet persistent”, said the Australian.

Mentioning that he’s not frustrated with the difficulties of getting on top of the McLaren, Ricciardo added “I think the thing that gives me confidence is looking at the potential of the car – it’s there, and it’s pretty good, and it can do more than I think it can, as far as just carrying more speed through the corners and the car’s going to stick”

He concluded by saying “So I thing there’s a little bit of trust in the car [to come], but I don’t think it’s just like turn in and close your eyes and it’s going to stick. A lot of it is technique as well.’

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