The FIA has concluded the incident between George Russell and Valtteri Bottas that caused a red flag during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was a racing incident.

The stewards stated that “car 77 [Valtteri Bottas] maintained his line throughout the incident along the right-hand side of the dry line, leaving at least a full car’s width to the right at all times.

“Car 63 [George Russell] approached with a significant speed advantage. He moved to pass on the right. As the cars approached the kink of turn 1, the gap between them and the right hand side of the track decreased.

“At no time did either car maneuver erratically.

“The track appeared to be not especially wet through turn 1 but at the point of closest approach to the right hand side of the track, the right hand side tires of Car 63 hit an especially damp patch and the car snap yawed, bearing in mind that the car had low downforce in the rear with the DRS open.

“The Stewards conclude that the accident was a racing incident considering the conditions and take no further action.”

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