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Gasly promoted to 7th after penalty for Stroll

Lance Stroll and Pierre Gasly, Emilia Romagna GP. Credits: Getty Images

After the Emilia Romagna GP, Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll has been handed a time penalty for leaving the track and overtaking AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly.

By reviewing the video footage of the overtake and hearing what the drivers had to say, the Stewards concluded that the Canadian would not have been able to pass the Frenchman on lap 11 of the race without completely cutting turn 3 and returning to the track in front of him, failing to later give back the illegally gained position. Stroll was given a 5 second time penalty and 1 penalty point.

They stated, “In hearing from the drivers the Stewards accepted that [Stroll] was ahead of [Gasly] at the point he left the track, but that he was in that position because of a maneuver that he was not able to complete on track given the wet conditions”.

This decision by the Stewards resulted in a promotion of one place for Gasly, from P8 to P7, with Stroll dropping behind him.

The Stewards have also mentioned that the teams can appeal the decision, saying that “(…) they have the right to appeal certain decisions of the Stewards (…) within the applicable time limits.”

Time will tell if Aston Martin will appeal the decision and if they’re successful, but for now, we can expect more changes to the final results as more drivers are in similar situations.

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