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Formula 1 signs 10-year deal for Miami GP

A look at where the Miami GP will be held, around the Hard Rock Stadium. Credits: Formula 1 website.

After some speculations, F1 finally confirmed that from 2022 it will go back to Florida in the USA. The pinnacle of motorsport is going to be racing in Miami.

The track is going to be built around the Hard Rock Stadium, and it will be 5.41km long with 19 corners. It will also feature three straights, with three potential DRS zones. The top speed expected around the new venue is 320km/h, while the average speed is 223km/h. The track has been designed to produce close racing battles and produce great spectacle for the fans.

The date of when the GP will be held is still unknown. However, it has been confirmed that from 2022 the track will be on the calendar for at least ten more years.

Thanks to this new race, the economic boost for both the city of Miami and Formula 1 will be great. It is expected that 4,000 new jobs will be created. Plus, Formula 1 is working on a program to support the local business and community to make sure they can enjoy the race weekend to its fullest. This project will include a STEM education program through F1 in schools and an opportunity for the local business to participate in the race weekend.

“We are thrilled to announce that Formula 1 will be racing in Miami beginning in 2022,” said Stefano Domenicali, President & CEO of Formula 1.“The USA is a key growth market for us, and we are greatly encouraged by our growing reach in the US which will be further supported by this exciting second race. We will be working closely with the team from Hard Rock Stadium and the FIA to ensure the circuit delivers exciting racing but also leaves a positive and lasting contribution to the people in the local community.

“We are grateful to our fans, the Miami Gardens elected officials, and the local tourism industry for their patience and support throughout this process. We are looking forward to bringing the greatest racing spectacle on the planet to Miami for the first time in our sport’s history.”

Tom Garfinkel, Vice-Chairman, President & CEO, Hard Rock Stadium, added: “The Hard Rock Stadium entertainment campus in Miami Gardens exists to host the biggest global events to benefit the entire greater Miami region and Formula 1 racing is as big as it gets.

“We have worked with specialist designers to create a racetrack that we, Formula 1 and the FIA believe will provide great racing, and we hope to create best-in-class unique fan experiences that are reflective of the diverse and dynamic nature of Miami.

“I want to thank Formula 1 and the Miami Gardens and Miami Dade County elected officials for working to bring this hugely impactful event here for years to come.”

The history of how the track was designed started back in 2017, where Formula and Apex Circuit Design wanted to build the Miami GP in Downtown Miami. Later on, their attention switched to a site that finds itself a few miles north of Downtown.

The track designers started to think about layouts for the new circuit, and they produced 75 different ones. Speaking about the current site, the team developed 36 different types of track ideas. Finally, they opted for the one that they announced on Sunday, April 18th.

Of course, it will be a street circuit, pretty similar to the one in Melbourne, as Formula 1 said. Since it will be a street track, it will not be a permanent. Plus, there will also be elevation changes around it.

“It is quite a restricted site to work on, both in terms of existing infrastructure and operationally,” said Craig Wilson, F1’s Head of Vehicle Performance. “There is a lot of underground drainage management that we had to mindful of given it is mainly flat land not far above the water level and the Dolphins were developing part of the site to house their new training complex.”

The most important thing for the designers was creating a track that can allow the drivers to easily overtake other cars. Formula 1 identified two main overtaking spots: Turn 11 and Turn 17.

Finally, the race will be hosted in a predominantly African-American community, to improve the idea of equality also through the hashtag We Race As One.

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