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Flying Latifi ‘disturbed’ Russell, says Williams

George Russell at the Emilia Romagna GP. Credits: Williams Racing.

George Russell had explained after qualifying he had been “off the pace” during the entire weekend, with teammate Nicholas Latifi being the stronger of the team.

Russell then managed to reverse the situation and finish ahead during qualifying for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, placing 12th with teammate Latifi placing 14th.

When asked about Russell’s performance, Dave Robson, head of William’s vehicle performance, said: “We know that he’s capable of pulling out a lap when it really counts, so I think there’s an element of that, I think he was genuinely kind of surprised yesterday.

“Nicholas just came out of the blocks flying yesterday and was strong right from the start and I think perhaps that disturbed George a little bit and he’d got his head around that by this afternoon.

“To be fair to him, he’s just chipped away as the weekend has gone on – he just pulled out a good lap.”

Robson also praised Latifi for his strong performance this weekend, saying he has been “extremely good” since the first outing.

“He’s just been extremely good right from the moment he rolled out of the garage in P1. In terms of both the pace and his whole attitude and demeanor has been particularly good.

“He obviously had a bit of a blip in P3 and it didn’t perturb him at all. And the fact he went straight back out, once we were happy with the car, he was still pretty much back on the pace straight away.

“I think, genuinely, he’s driving well and his whole attitude – and his mentality is really good.”

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