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Vettel admits still missing confidence with Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel in Imola. Credits: Getty Images.

After today’s qualifying, Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he is not fully confident with the car yet, and he needs to be patient before being able to gain “that last bit of confidence.”

The qualifying in Imola was better than the one he had in Bahrain, and today he was able to enter in Q2. However, he did not manage to get a result better than P13.
This was the second time in a row in which Lance Stroll defeated his teammate. The Canadian finished in P10, which means he managed to get into Q3 for the second time after Bahrain three weeks ago.

Vettel admitted that the confidence is still not there with his new Aston Martin car. “We are right in the midfield, and it’s very tight, so a couple of tenths could make a big difference,” Vettel said

“I was happier with the feel of the car, but still missing maybe that last bit of confidence. Overall I think it’s getting better. As I said, it’s very tight, so we will see tomorrow.

“Maybe we’ll have a bit of rain that could help us.”

Moreover, the German said that on his last attempt in Q2 he did not get the most out of the car, and his lap time was slower than he expected.

“I’m not a very patient guy, so I don’t want to wait,” Vettel said.

“But it is getting a lot better. On a track like this, in particular, you need the ultimate confidence to extract everything.

“I’m not yet there, but it’s only the second race, so I guess I have to be a bit more patient.”

Finally, Vettel said that sometimes his lack of patient brings him to overdrive the car and make mistakes, also because the car has a completely different philosophy, if compared to the ones he drove in the past.

“The car is quite different to what I was used to in the past,” Vettel said.

“There’s a couple of things, nowadays with tires, and how you set up the car, etc, can make quite a big difference.

“So that’s why I think it’s taking me maybe a bit longer than normal.

“Honestly in all fairness as well, for the ultimate tenths that you’re fighting in the midfield, then you see the consequence straight away.”

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