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Mir criticizes Marquez over “dangerous” MotoGP qualifying tactics

Joan Mir during qualifying in Portugal. Credits: Getty Images.

Joan Mir considered “dangerous” the tactics used by Marc Marquez during today’s qualifying in Portugal, and he believes a punishment would be correct.

Both drivers found themselves very close on track while setting lap times during Q1 on Saturday afternoon.

The Suzuki rider was closely following the Spaniard, and he was forced to pass him in Turn 9. After this move, Marquez used him as a toe to go fastest in the first stages of the session.

Later, the Honda rider remained in P1, and Mir followed him in Q2. At the end of that session, Marquez finished only sixth and Mir only ninth.

After the qualifying session, Mir criticized what his rival did while they were riding very close to each other on the track.

“We know that Marc likes to do these things, today he did it with me, and other times he does it with others, he likes to get behind in qualifying and play this game.

“In Moto3 he gets penalized, and that’s how it is. I’m going my own way, it didn’t make me nervous at all, and I did my time anyway, I gave 100%, and that’s the way it is.

“But if we had played the game, he would have been much further ahead, he cut in, then he got behind, and he bothered me on my first flying lap because he started slowly, I lost my lap, then he pulled off, he took advantage of my [rear] wheel… this is a penalty in Moto3, and probably in Moto2, too. But not here in MotoGP yet.”

Finally, Mir said that Marquez should not get a penalty for that, but he thinks that a punishment would be the right decision.

“I don’t think he should be penalized, but this kind of action is also dangerous in MotoGP, not only dangerous in Moto3,” he added.

“In the end, he goes a lot slower, he bothers me on my fast lap, and I think it has to be punished.

“I don’t want to think too much about it either, I’ve done my time and that’s all there is to it.”

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