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Marquez: I “will suffer” on Sunday’s race

Marc Marquez in Portugal. Credits: Getty Images.

Marc Marquez said he is sure he “will suffer” during his MotoGP comeback race since his arm already felt “worse” during qualifying.

The Spaniard did not start a MotoGP race since the brutal incident that forced him to undergo multiple surgeries.

During Saturday’s qualifying, Marquez put his Honda in P6. However, he admitted that his arm felt worse, and he expected it. Anyway, he feels happy because he found the right confidence with his bike.

Despite a good qualifying run, the Honda rider still does not know how his arm will handle the 25 laps of the race in Portugal, the first one after nine months.

“The confidence on the bike improved a lot, and also for the team,” he said.

“We start here with [Stefan] Bradl’s base, Honda base and in FP1, FP2, FP3 I ride with that bike, with that electronics, with everything the same but then immediately after FP3 I say ‘okay, now I’m ready to try things and we already start to change the bike more for my riding style’.

“It’s not something very big that the other riders aren’t using, not something extreme, but already adapting the bike to my riding style to what I need now, and already the step was big in FP4 in terms of the feeling of the bike. And then, in qualifying practice, I was able to be fast.

“The question mark is tomorrow on the race, 25 laps will be very long, and I would say I will try to enjoy, but I know that I will not. I will suffer, but this is like this, and we already know that we are coming here in Portimao, and now we are more in the middle situation about the arm.”

Marquez also said that he was struggling to load the front of the bike since the muscle of his arm is not ready and fully trained yet.

“The main difference is my position on the bike,” he added.

“It’s true that on the left corners I start to feel the front tire like I like, that playing, and I like it.

“On the right corners, still I’m pushing too much on the brakes because on brakes that is where you can play with the front tire.

“The position of the body is not the correct one, and I cannot load the front, and I cannot push with the arm.

“So, this is something that I am losing a lot, for example, in the last two long corners because I cannot be there and I cannot push, but yeah it’s like this.

“We know, and the team also knows that now maybe we need to set-up the bike in one way, and then when I will be ready to push we will set up again another way.

“It is a lack of muscle, the power I mean, I cannot say 10 percent because it is difficult, but at the gym, I’m working with different weights on the left and right [arm].

“I cannot have the same weight on the right arm and then on the bike, this is something that is there, and nearly all the corners are right on this circuit and at Jerez.

“But I need to do laps, and I know that tomorrow I will suffer, but then I will have next week to recover again and Jerez a little bit more, and it’s like this.”

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