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Cooler conditions help balance Mercedes W12, says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton at the Emilia Romagna GP. Credits: Daimler.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix polesitter Lewis Hamilton admits that cooler conditions at Imola benefit Mercedes.

Contrary to the difficulties of the Bahrain GP, Mercedes look much better at Imola and Lewis Hamilton’s pole position proves it. The factor that might have played its role is weather – it is much cooler in Italy than it has been in Bahrain. Lewis Hamilton thinks that weather conditions have played a significant role in how he operated the “knife-edge” car.

“Well Bahrain, obviously the temperature’s a lot different, the track surface’s a lot different, so Bahrain we always struggle with overheating and a lot of crosswinds,” Hamilton said.

“We don’t seem to have that here, and it’s much cooler, so we were very rarely over the temperature of the tires. So that’s kind of brought us more in line, I think, with the Red Bulls. And I think it’s really focusing on balance, refining the balance is a very narrow window of tires approaching at their best. And also our car is probably, more on the knife-edge, I would say, than previous years,” he added.

The 7-time world champion also shared his excitement about how close the gaps had been in Saturday’s qualifying session.

“I’m just amazed at how close it is and how exciting that is. It really adds to the fire and to the adrenaline rush. I didn’t know, of course, whether or not these guys had improved on that last lap for quite some time. So I was definitely nervous. And that’s the excitement of closer racing,” the Mercedes driver commented.

“But I’m really grateful to the team. We came here, the car was feeling better already from the first lap out. And I think that’s probably track-dependent. But really good steps forward, just one step at a time all weekend,” he said in the conclusion.

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