Today was a frustrating day for Fernando Alonso, who did not manage to make it in Q3 at Imola. The Spaniard admitted there was no real issue with his car and that he was simply not fast enough.

Alonso qualified in P15 for tomorrow’s race while his teammate managed to place his A521 in P9, giving an end to Alonso’s personal record of beating his teammates in qualifying 27 times in a row.

Nonetheless, the Spaniard did not hide behind any excuses, admitting that the car did not feel bad and that he simply did not have enough pace to qualify in a better position.

“The car was going well, I didn’t encounter any major problems. The speed was not there,” said Alonso.

The two-time world champion already mentioned being ready to invest himself in the development of the car in order to be able to compete for the championship as soon as possible with Alpine. His hard work seemed to pay off as he could feel a real step forward in terms of performance. 

Nevertheless, Alonso keeps it real, admitting that even though the car felt better today, they will have a lot of effort to do to keep up with the pace of the other teams that are also bringing upgrades to their single-seaters each weekend.

“The car felt better to me all weekend. Today we didn’t do a good enough job to make it to Q3. We took a clear step forward. We have improved, but we are not running alone. If we improve a tenth of a second and the others do the same, we stay the same.”

Talking about his expectations for tomorrow, Alonso says that the French team will need unexpected events if they want to get the best out of the game and score some good points, pointing out the difficulty of overtaking other cars in Imola. However, the Spaniard seems happy with the tire degradation of the A521 and thinks it could be a real asset for Tomorrow if they can take advantage of the strategy.

“We were doing well with the long run and tire degradation. It’s a difficult circuit for overtaking, so it will be an endurance race,” said Alonso.

“We have seen quite a few accidents, it will also depend on the mechanics, because of the curbs; maybe it rains, maybe it doesn’t. We are going to need a race where things happen. If nothing happens, it will be difficult to score points.”

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