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Max Verstappen would like to have a second DRS zone at Imola

Max Verstappen in Imola. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

This weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is going to have one DRS zone, but Max Verstappen would like to add a second one to increase the overtaking possibilities during the race. 

The only DRS zone is on the main straight, and it has also been extended in 2021 to help the drivers to overtake more easily. 

However, Verstappen believes that with only one DRS zone overtaking will not be easy even though the zone has been expanded. Last year it was an absolute nightmare for him when he was behind Valtteri Bottas, and he was not able to overtake him. 

Verstappen said that he would add the other DRS zone after the chicane: “We can easily have one out of the [Alta] chicane,” he said to Race Fans.

“That would help a lot because then you get a bit closer for the last two corners. Because you lose so much time in the last two that even when you put the DRS a bit earlier, you will not arrive in time for turn one.

“Turn one is super narrow, and it’s a fast corner, so it’s difficult to out-brake someone. So I don’t think [the longer zone is] going to help a lot.”

Last year, only twenty overtakes were made in Imola, just one more than the 70th Anniversary GP at Silverstone. 

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