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Vettel rivalry the best of my career, says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton after winning the Bahrain GP. Credits: Daimler Global Media Site.

Lewis Hamilton said that the rivalry between himself and Sebastian Vettel is his favorite one, and he also believes that it helped to build a stronger bond between them.

In the last eleven years, the British and the German driver have won ten Formula One World Championships. They both battled to win the Championship in 2017 and 2018, creating a great battle between two of the best teams in the sport, Ferrari and Mercedes. 

In the end, it was Lewis who was able to win in both years, during which they had many fights on track. Thanks to those incredible battles Hamilton said that the rivalry with Sebastian is “my favorite up to now”.

“Knowing how hard it is to be where we are today, knowing I was racing against an incredible driver, and not only that but a great man in Seb,” Hamilton said.

“He’s a four-time world champion. Ultimately when you’re racing against another team at the same time, Ferrari that was very strong at the time – it took a lot out of both of us in that time to remain focused, to deliver weekend in, weekend out.

“I think whilst it was a difficult period for us, it probably brought us closer as well because the respect that we have between us is I think huge.”

Now it seems that a new fight awaits Hamilton, who said that he cannot tell what will happen in this season yet. Then he spent some words about what he thinks about close title fights. 

“For me, I think fighting with Seb, fighting with Valtteri [Bottas], you just want to be fighting with the best drivers and [it be] as close as possible,” Hamilton said.

“Then you can hopefully try and eke out a bit more than your competitors to get the results.”

Finally, Hamilton said that the battle against Max Verstappen would be different since he does not have all the experience that Sebastian has. 

“It’s different now, of course,” Hamilton said. “If I’m racing with Max, he doesn’t have the background that Seb has, but he’s got the chance of being a future champion.

“Whether that’s now or later, it depends on the job ultimately that the team and I do.”

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