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Track limits rules clarified for Imola GP

Imola Grand Prix 2020. Credits: Haas F1 Team Media.

After a controversial Bahrain GP, the FIA has announced that the rules applied for the track limits during the weekend of the Italian GP will be the same for every session. 

During the season opener, the stewards told the drivers that, if they exceeded the limits of the track, their laps would be canceled both in free practice and qualifying. However, that rule was not applied during the race. It was not clear what the drivers could or could not do, and that is why the race in Sakhir was so controversial. 

The thing that the rule was different on Sunday caused many polemics after what happened between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver overtook his rival off-track, and the FIA decided that he had to give back the position to Lewis, who eventually won the GP. 

Many drivers were confused after what happened, and they asked for clarification about track limits. Thus, it has been decided that during the Italian GP, the rules will be the same both for free practice, qualifying, and the race. 

FIA has also installed electronic sensors at Turn 9, 13, 14, and 15 to monitor track limits. Plus, a yellow sausage curb has been added at the exit of Turn 13 to prevent drivers from running too wide. 

Moreover, the stewards said that, if during free practice or qualifying any driver will exceed track limits their lap time will be immediately invalidated. This time, the same rule is going to be applied for the race. Each driver is permitted to go beyond the limits three times on Sunday. If they do that for a fourth time, they will be shown the black and white flag, and they also risk being disqualified from the Grand Prix. 

Finally, it has also been added that those limits do not apply for overtakes. Track limits are always applied during overtakes, and the drivers are not allowed to go outside of the track to complete the maneuver. 

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