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Sergio Perez looks to bring “experience and different culture” to Red Bull Racing

Sergio Perez. Credits: Red Bull Racing.

Sergio Perez believes that the experience he has had in his F1 career will help Red Bull Racing improve their car.

Sergio Perez is on the brink of his second race weekend together with Red Bull Racing after finishing 5th in Bahrain. Ahead of the Imola Grand Prix, the Mexican shared his thoughts about the workflow with the team.

“It is going well with such a short, limited amount of testing that we had. We normally have three days, but we only had a day and a half and when you consider the amount of aero stuff that we have to do, it’s very little time in the car. Bahrain has been a very unique place, but things are getting there. I think every kilometre is making a difference,” Perez said in the interview with Red Bull.

Sergio Perez was impressed at how well was the team structured, which had been the key to success in his opinion.

“As soon as you arrive at Red Bull, you know why they have been so successful, from Christian [Horner], Adrian [Newey] and Dr. Marko, the whole team and how it’s structured. It’s very powerful and they can really do great things, so it’s a massive opportunity for me. However, it’s also funny and the other aspect of the Red Bull culture is how relaxed people are while working so hard,” he said.

“It is really something when you come from the outside and experience it. You realize why the team is so successful and also the mentality that they have. They don’t have to be extremely strict to focus, they can be relaxed, but also delivering to the maximum levels. It’s something that Red Bull does very uniquely in the sport,” he added.

The Sakhir GP winner also shared his thoughts about what he could bring to the new team.

“I’m not the right person to answer that, but I think obviously experience and a different culture in ways to get the maximum out of the race or the car throughout the season and developing the car going forwards. That value is also very important in the team.”

Sergio Perez looks to improve his result at Imola after finishing 6th in the 2020 race.

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