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Sebastian Vettel feels ‘comfortable’ at Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel with his team. Credits: Getty Images.

After a disastrous first Grand Prix weekend with Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel wants to keep his head up, pointing out the “good spirit” his team has.

Vettel had a very difficult first weekend under his new colors. After getting eliminated from the qualifying session in Q1 due to a double yellow flag, the German was rewarded with a grid penalty. 

Starting last for Sunday’s race, it looked like the four-time world champion was slowly starting to get used to his new single-seater, gaining a few positions. This was until he crashed with Ocon on lap 44, doing a mistake while under braking.

However, the Aston Martin driver is still confident as he admits feeling good with his new team, enjoying their “good spirit”. He even said he is confident the Banbury-based squad will bring good improvements this weekend and that it should allow them to have a better race.

“Well the team is great, I think the spirit is great in the team and I feel really comfortable, so I’m enjoying the work and the efforts that are going in,” Vettel said.

“How is the car? We have a little bit of new bits for this weekend. Hopefully, they will make us a little bit faster; we struggled a little bit with pace in the first race but it’s only the start of the season, so yeah, I think we should have a better race here,” he added.

As it was recently pointed out by Mark Webber, the 31-year-old was the first to criticize himself concerning his accident with Esteban Ocon for his first Grand Prix with Aston Martin.

“But for sure I mean, the target is to have clean races and not to have anything interrupting that. So, I think that’s the expectation I set of myself, and… the level that I want to be at obviously doesn’t excuse things like this happening.”

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