Formula 1 will return to Imola this week, the place where Ayrton Senna lost his life almost 27 years ago.

It is also a very emotional place for all the drivers. Carlos Sainz has spoken out regarding Ayrton Senna and was asked what he knows all about the Brazilian F1 legend.

“Honestly, personally, I know everything you can know from documentaries, books, info from the paddock, just speaking to people that have worked with him or who had any kind of encounter, experience with him. But obviously, from his personal side, very little you now, it’s whatever you get from the videos, from the interviews – all these famous interviews on YouTube – famous documentaries that are out there.”

When asked how emotional it is for him to come back to this place, he replied:

“And those already do a very good job of making him look like the legend that he actually is, you know, and being back in the place where he lost his life is always a bit imposing, a bit emotional for every Formula 1 driver because we know here we lost probably the most special talent that there was in Formula 1 history.”

On May 1, 1994, Aytron Senna died after a fatal crash on the track at Imola. The day before, Austrian Roland Ratzenberger had also died on the same track.

It is a place that has a ” frightening ” effect for many Formula 1 fans and certainly does not evoke fond memories. But this weekend’s Grand Prix promises to be a very exciting one, despite the many bad events that happened here.

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