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Sainz: emotional to race in Italy as a Ferrari driver

Carlos Sainz in Bahrain. Credits: Getty Images.

Carlos Sainz cannot wait to race in Italy as a Ferrari driver for the first time, saying that it is special and exciting. 

The Spaniard debuted almost three weeks ago with the Scuderia, and that was already a special moment for him. But racing for the Italian team in its home race is even more exciting for him. 

“It gives me added excitement, it is always special and exciting to race the first Italian Grand Prix as a Ferrari driver. Unfortunately, there will be no fans due to the pandemic, I will certainly miss them.”

“I will miss that extra excitement factor that a Ferrari driver can give. But you can already see that the atmosphere at this circuit is special. I heard it at Monza last year, there was a special bond because the fans knew I was going to be in Ferrari. It’s a shame they aren’t in the stands, but it will continue to be exciting,” he added.

Carlos said that he felt pretty happy what the result he achieved in Bahrain. However, he also reckons that Imola will be even tougher since he is not fully comfortable with the car yet. 

“As for Bahrain, it was a positive race. I managed to push a lot from the beginning, and I got the rhythm of the car. The fact that there was practice allowed me to repeat the procedures and the orientation that I showed in the tests and this favored me,” he said.

“Imola is tougher in this regard because it is a track where you need a lot of confidence with the car.”

Carlos, however, also underlined how good he is to adapt to the car. Plus, he said he is learning from Charles, who already has experience with the team and the car. 

“At the same time, though, I think I quickly adapted to the car in Bahrain. I learned from Charles’s data, and I tried to figure out how to do the race so that I could do laps as well as his. But I have to say I’m amazed at how I drove the car in Q1 and Q2,” he said.

“This learning path will undoubtedly also have errors, from which we learn and grow together as if we were children.”

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