Sergio Pérez has said Red Bull discovered the issue which kept him out of Q3 at the Bahrain Grand Prix, stating it was a brake-related issue.

“We had a little issue in the brakes that we only found out later and now we understand what went wrong,” said Pérez talking about qualifying. “I think without that issue we definitely should have been through.”

Pérez also talked about their qualifying strategy, saying that going out in the medium tires was “the right thing to do.”

“If you have the car to exploit the maximum result you have to be on the best possible strategy.

“If that means taking some risks we have to take them. Considering that we thought we had the pace it was definitely the right thing to do.”

The Mexican driver also stated he made “huge steps” in understanding the car at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

“I made huge steps in Bahrain in understanding the car,” he siad. “It would be very easy to get lost and start chasing one direction that doesn’t make the car go faster.

“We have a pretty good reference in Max, the way he is driving the car, and which issues he’s chasing as well. So I think that’s a key area, to try not to go too far apart. He has a pretty good baseline in terms of how to extract the maximum out of the car so I think we need to be in that operating area as much as possible.”

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