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Petrucci unknowingly dislocated shoulder during Losail MotoGP races

Image Credits: Mirco Lazzari /Getty Images

Tech3 KTM rider Danillo Petrucci unknowingly dislocated his left shoulder in the Qatar Grand Prix, riding in the Doha race with the shoulder still out of place.

Petrucci made it all of two turns in the first round of 2021 before hitting the deck and ending his season opener. He bounced back to a 19th place finish at the Doha Grand Prix but was generally off the pace due to pain. Little did he know that pain was caused by an undetected shoulder dislocation from his Qatar crash.

“First of all, after coming back home I did an MRI on the shoulder and I discovered in the first race I dislocated my shoulder. It went out and re-joined the normal place, so for this reason I felt a lot of pain,” Petrucci said.

“Fortunately, there was no further damage at the ligaments, but there was big inflammation and during this time I worked every morning with my physio to try to be as fit as possible for this race. Fortunately, also with anti-inflammatories, I was able to ride in the second [race], but I got a bit of inflammation also on the right shoulder because I was just moving the bike with one arm.”

Petrucci will be back to full fitness for the MotoGP Grand Prix of Portimao, which kicks off tomorrow, April 16.

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