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Miami city council approves of F1 race plan

The Miami city council’s voting on the Formula 1 race plan in one of the USA’s biggest cities has been successful.

Miami GP has been one of the most anticipated races to join the Formula 1 calendar for many years. Though there have been a lot of issues regarding the concept, the race in Miami now seems to be closer than ever. Earlier this month it has been revealed that the city council will hold a voting to approve the current race plan, which involves building a race track near Hard Rock Stadium.

According to the WSVN 7 News outlet, the majority of the Miami Gardens council representatives have supported the concept and given the green light to the track construction.

Though the current plan is still being opposed by the citizens of the district, who are concerned about excessive noise and pollution, there are details, which will ensure security for local people. The event plan includes the introduction of sound-consuming barriers as well as the air quality and noise intensity will be evaluated. Last, but not least, sessions can take place no earlier than 2:30 PM local time on weekdays and after the sunset.

The earliest date of Miami GP debut is yet to be unveiled, but since plan has been approved by the officials, we will see more updates about the race in Florida.

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