Nikita Mazepin says he is “totally over” his race-ending Bahrain Grand Prix crash.

The Russian had a rough start to the season; he had issues spinning in qualifying and then on lap one of the race, spinning out of turn 3 and crashing into the barriers, ending his Grand Prix run.

Mazepin, however, now says he is “totally over” the incident, stating that, as a driver, “you have your ups” and “you have your downs.”

“Yeah I’m totally over it, in the sense that I was obviously very upset and things happened very quickly,” he said. “The moment where I realized where I ended up which was in the wall, was a very painful one but you know, in Formula 1 there are 23 races.

“I’ve raced 12 rounds a year previously and then nine before that so you have your ups, and you have your downs and it’s important to get as much knowledge from the bad experience as possible, but then don’t drag the negativity with you because that will leave you in the place where you were when you’re trying to move on. So yeah, trying to move forward.

“Dwelling on the past is not good to improve but learning and analysing was important but that was done a week ago, now eyes are on the next weekend and transferring this knowledge to the next race,” he added.

It was believed that Mazepin disliked the VF-21 as he struggled with it. However, the Russian was now optimistic about his first impressions of the car.

“I wouldn’t say the car is very tricky to drive in general; I had a good time with the car and team in testing.

“But I would just say pushing 101% when the wind is high and changing round all the time, that’s something that I didn’t expect and I was not ready for it in any way but I’ve had a pretty tough learning curve in that respect so it won’t happen again,” he concluded.

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