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Hamilton took Bahrain victory over Verstappen by being smarter, says Vettel

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Credits: Getty Images.

After reviewing the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel supported Lewis Hamilton in his win, saying that even though Verstappen was faster, the 7-time world champion kept his head down and was smarter throughout the race.

Vettel had a messy first Grand Prix weekend after being eliminated in Q1. The German was handed grid penalties before crashing with Esteban Ocon during the race, right after being overtaken by the French driver. 

However, as he is used to doing, the four-time world champion kept it classy, apologizing to Esteban Ocon, right at the end of the race. The German driver is well known for being respectful towards his opponents. 

Once again, Vettel did not fail to live up to his reputation, showing great respect towards his former championship opponent, Lewis Hamilton. The 33 years old pointed out that Hamilton was simply more clever than Verstappen during the first race of the season, and that he fully deserves his win.

“Max, I think, had a chance, he was faster, should have won the race, didn’t win the race and Lewis won the race. (…) So I think in that case it’s really Lewis that won the race,” said Vettel

“I saw the highlights after the race. (…) I think Max was faster, he had better tires at the end of the race, but Lewis was smarter and drove well and kept his head down and did what he had to do,” he added.

Lewis Hamilton’s win over Verstappen in Bahrain was the subject of great controversy, as Verstappen was asked to hand back his position to the Briton after completing an overtake judged illegal. 

Sebastian Vettel’s opinion will probably help to end the debate, as he thinks Hamilton deserved to win and that we should not just be looking at the controversy surrounding the Grand Prix, but also at Hamilton’s astonishing race intelligence, that helped him seize the win.

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