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Battling to get out of Q1 with Haas was ‘no real fun’, says Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean at the 2020 Tuscan GP. Credits: Haas F1 Team, LAT Photo.

Romain Grosjean admits it has not been pleasant to battle for advancing to Q2, but has enjoyed his Formula 1 career overall.

The 2021 Formula 1 season is the first time we do not see Romain Grosjean on the grid since 2012 as this year the Frenchman will drive in IndyCar. The former Renault, Lotus, and Haas driver reflected on his career, mentioning he enjoyed it and shared the thought that he was partly at fault not to have a championship-winning car.

“You can’t stay 10 years in Formula 1 and not be happy about it,” he said.

“Did I regret that I never had the car to win races and championships? Yes. But was it in my hand? Probably a bit. Also probably not,” he added.

At the same time, Grosjean did not like being in the backmarker position with Haas in recent years as well as admitted his regret about how the 2014 season went for him and Lotus.

“Coming [after] such a strong end of 2013, the team was in a difficult situation financially, change of regulations in the engine, it was going to be a problem to get it working. When you’re going up like this [and] you end up having the worst car on the grid, it’s complicated to get a good seat,” Grosjean commented.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time there [in Formula 1]. I’ve had a great career. But also I was at the end of what I wanted to do there. Fighting with Haas to [get] out of Q1 when everything was fantastic is something that I had enough [of]. It was no real fun.”

The current Dayle Coyne Racing with RWR driver is quite optimistic about his IndyCar perspectives and believes that he is in the position to win races there.

“The last time I got really the chance to have the same tools as the others was 2011 in GP2. I was close to win a few times in Formula 1, but I was also in the era with Raikkonen and Vettel who dominated everything. I was close few times, but not on an every-race basis.”

Romain Grosjean will make his IndyCar debut this weekend at Barber Motorports Park.

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