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Andrew James to step down from F1 technical director role in May

The F1 Media and technology centre. Credits: Spencer Kelly (Twitter).

Andrew James, who has been a consituent part of the sport’s technological progress, will leave his role next month.

Formula 1 expects to have a change in the managerial aspects. It has been revealed that Andrew James, F1’s technical director, will step down for his position in the foreseeable future. James has worked with F1 for 25 years and has played a significant role in Formula 1’s technological breakthrough as well as helped in some critical situations with his ideas.

Andrew James himself recalled everything he had done in that position.

“During my time at F1, I have had the privilege of undertaking exciting projects working with a truly great team of people who have shown the creativity, skill, passion, perseverance, and dedication that has enabled the business to deliver so spectacularly,” he commented.

“I am very proud to have been a part of that. I would like to thank every member of staff, past and present, for their support but, in particular, the teams I have worked with directly who unfailingly delivered on the targets which were set both by the organization and ourselves,” he added.

“Now I am moving on, but I hope I have left my mark and I hope that the business and the staff continue to deliver outstanding products that excite and engage the fans,” James said in the conclusion.

Andrew James’ efforts were also acknowledged by Ross Brawn, who is currently F1’s managing director of motorsport.

“Andrew has been a pillar of our organization for more than 25 years and his contribution has been immense. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his ability, commitment, and dedication. I would like to personally thank Andrew for his time here and wish him all the very best for his future plans,” Brawn remarked.

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