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Zak Brown ranks Andreas Seidl as best team principal in F1

Andreas Seidl and Zak Brown. Credits: Zak Brown (Twitter: @ZBrownCEO).

After an impressive 2020 F1 season, in which McLaren achieved to clinch an outstanding P3 in the constructor’s championship, Zak Brown wanted to let everyone know that this was made possible by an innovative and very effective managing philosophy.

Andreas Seidl was hired by Zak Brown in January 2019, while the Woking-based team was finally starting to get its head out of the water. The 45-year-old was, however, not new to the world of motorsports as he already brought Porsche to an unquestionable three years dominance in endurance racing.

His arrival left no space for debate as the German instantly had an impressive impact on the team. Seidl is definitely one of the key factors to McLaren’s recent success in Formula One and Zak Brown wanted to make it clear.

The 49year-old American also pointed out the fact that McLaren’s tandem-management was a very unusual way of doing things when they first set it up, but thanks to a great understanding between him and his fellow Andreas Seidl, it worked out extremely well for the team. 

Both men respect each other and they both know what they are the best at. This complicity is, in Brown’s opinion, what worked out so good between them.

“I think the structure we have at McLaren works extremely well for us (…), Andreas and I have an outstanding working relationship. I think it’s extremely clear what my role is, what Andreas’ role is, and it is very clear to the team too,” Brown explained.

“My job as CEO of McLaren Racing is to field the most competitive, financially sustainable racing team, not only in F1 but anything else that we may venture into like IndyCar, etc.”

“I don’t know how to run an F1 team, it’s not my competency. That’s what Andreas is awesome at. So my job is to give him the freedom, the support, and the financial resources to allow him to do his thing. So Andreas has full authority to run the F1 team as he sees fit,” he added.

“I think Andreas is the best team principal in the pitlane, in my humble opinion.”

Proving the great understanding between the two men, Andreas Seidl confirmed everything Zak Brown pointed out, saying that the clearness of what everyone is supposed to do and the trust they have in each other is definitely the main factor of why Seidl is so effective at managing McLaren’s F1 section.

“He gives me in the end, the freedom and the support I need in order to bring my style and my experience and my way of how I want to set up an F1 team and lead it. And that’s simply great,” said Seidl.

This great restructuring plan seems to have inspired other F1 competitors, as we have seen it this year with Alpine for example. The French team has even pushed the ‘multi-personality’ managing style further than McLaren as they have not less than 3 main managers, namely Laurent Rossi, Marcin Budkowski, and Davide Brivio.

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