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“It’s not really relieving, but exciting,” says Martin Truex Jr.

Martin Truex Jr. celebrates his win at Martinsville. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

Martinsville Cup Series race winner Martin Truex Jr. admits that the victory bring excitement to him and looks to keep up the impressive performance.

On Sunday night, Martin Truex Jr. passed his teammate with 14 laps to go for his second victory of 2021. The win was his third at Martinsville, Virginia, and the 29th at his NASCAR Cup Series career.

When asked if this win is ‘relieving’ to be the first multi-time winner of the season Truex Jr. responded by stating: “I wouldn’t really say it is relieving, but more exciting.” He stated how important it is to beat last season in wins and be at this point this early in the season. “Now it’s time to click off more wins and rack up those stage points.” Wins and stage points get more and more valuable as the season progresses so scoring big early, will be very key later this season.

A second off of Martin at the line was Chase Elliott. He had a car that the team struggled to adjust on, but as the lights came on over Martinsville Speedway, Elliott came to the life and passed Denny Hamlin for second with five laps left. Chase stated: “I was more scared of the car falling off in the final run and not being up to have that position.” Chase ran in the top ten all day and quietly moved up as the race continued on. The second didn’t feel like a win but it meant something to the team after a long, tough day.

On the other end of the win was Denny Hamlin. Denny led more than 200 laps in the 500-lap event but came up short at the finish to his sixth Martinsville clock. When asked about his confidence in holding Martin Truex Jr. off for the final 15 laps, Hamlin said: “I had the confidence but it wasn’t much with how much faster Martin was.” He mentioned how him racing a teammate altered how he raced and wrecking each other out had him most worried.

The action at Martinsville ended with three drivers in contention for the iconic grandfather clock but there were two different stories for second and third once the checkered flag flew. But now for the winner, Martin Truex Jr., his plan still has not changed for the rest of 2021.

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