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Decision when to switch to 2022 development ‘tricky’ for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton at the pre-season F1 testing in Bahrain. Credits: Daimler.

Mercedes officials believe that it will be a difficult process to decide when to start the development of the 2022 car.

Formula 1 is on the verge of one of the biggest regulation changes in years as a brand-new sety of rules will be introduced in the 2022 season. The teams need to decide when to abandon the development of the current car to concentrate on new machinery. For Mercedes, it is going to be a big topic of discussion as ‘tricky’ decisions are expected to be made.

“It’s going to be the same for all teams to balance resource that is going into the 2021 car and power unit, and the 2022 one,” Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff told

“It’s clear that you can’t afford to not perform in ’21. But equally, the ’22 regulations are going to be in place for quite some years. Once you start with a deficit, it’s very difficult to catch up. So it will take a while for performance to converge,” he added.

“In that respect, these are tricky decisions that we are evaluating regularly.”

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