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Oliver Turvey given 6 penalty points following FP1 crash

Oliver Turvey. Courtesy of Formula E.

Oliver Turvey gets a six-point penalty after the crash he caused in practice earlier this weekend.

Turvey crashed into Jean-Eric Vergne and Jake Dennis at the end of the first practice session of the Rome E-Prix and caused huge damage. Dennis and Vergne had been stopped at a queue of cars because they wanted to prepare for the start of the practice. All of a sudden Turvey came from behind and crashed into the rear of Vergne, then he also hit Dennis, whose car was also badly damaged.

The statement from the FIA was very harsh:

“He was causing a collision dangerously.”

The stewards also say that Turvey knew 100% what the procedures of a training start are, but he forgot them due to a “combination of circumstances.”

The FIA added:

“After watching the footage, hearing the radio communication between team and driver, taking into account that this massive accident was based on a human mistake, the stewards consider that the taken penalty is appropriate for this case.”

In addition to his six penalty points, which are very unusual because the FIA normally awards a maximum of 3 penalty points, Turvey had to start the race from the pit lane.

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