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Di Grassi classifies Buemi’s move as “incredibly stupid”

Racing action, Rome E-Prix. Credits: Formula E Media Area.

During today’s Rome E-Prix, Audi’s driver Lucas Di Grassi had contact with Sebastian Buemi, causing him to destroy his car and retire. The Brazilian is very heated after this incident and qualifies it as “incredibly stupid”.

At the approach of turn 7, while being under attack mode, Sebastian Buemi saw an opportunity to overtake Lucas Di Grassi. As we have seen it yesterday, it is preferable to fully execute a move before entering turn seven, considering the 90 degrees silhouette of the turn.

Therefore, Sebastian Buemi, gave everything he could to overtake Di Grassi’s car in the straight line. The Brazilian driver, however, decided to defend his position and locked the inside line, probably with the hope of discouraging Buemi to try anything at the entry of turn seven.

Nonetheless, the Swiss Nissan e.dams driver did not anticipate this late defensive transit and thinks the accident is “unfortunate” for Di Grassi as his move did not leave him any time to react and avoid the collision.

“Arriving with attack mode, much more power. In my opinion, he moved so late that I had no time to basically react. I don’t mind him closing the door. It’s no problem, I go on the other side. But he let me think that he was going to not close the door.”

“So once I committed for the move, he came to the left, and at the same point he did that, I touched him,” said Buemi.

This explanation, however, does not really fit Di Grassi’s opinion as the Brazilian still sounds very heated after this incident. The 36 years old driver firmly affirms that there is no room for debate in this situation as the rules are how they are and he strongly believes Buemi’s move was totally off the mark.

“He was just slow. He was slow all weekend and he was slow also in that specific race. I was doing my normal race. He had attack mode. He was trying to overtake me back,” said Lucas Di Grassi.

“There is no my perspective or any perspective,” he added, trying to close the debate.

The former Formula One driver also pointed out the fact that Buemi should have waited for a better opportunity as there was still plenty of time before the checkered flag.

“To be honest, he could have overtaken. We had the whole race to go, there was no hurry to do this. He decided to change, last minute, from inside to outside.”

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