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Martinsville is “experience place”, says William Byron

William Byron at Homestead-Miami. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

William Byron believes that Martinsville Speedway is a tough track and that is why the best drivers win there.

Martinsville is one of the most special race tracks in modern NASCAR. It is a short track, but it definitely requires a lot of concentration and work with brakes. Hendrick Motorsports’ William Byron spoke about the pecularities of the Paperclip and what made it a unique venue.

“I think just the way you run the kerb,” Byron told ASN Motorsports. “Obviously, you try to be as low to it as you can without touching it too much, but it’s tricky. You’ve got to get in the corner a certain way and riding the kerbs hard and stuff, it’s tough to get drive off to.”

“So, it’s really kind of one of those standard short tracks, but I like the rhythm of it. It’s one of my favorites, because it’s got good grip, but it’s a challenge, and you can pass and usually it’s not a huge issue to pass, you just have to set guys up the right way.”

“I like it [the race track]. I mentioned like how the champions win at Martinsville. I think it’s just because it’s an experience place and it’s a really tough place.”

William Byron will try to get his second win in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season from the 3rd starting spot.

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