The 8-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez has been medically cleared to return to MotoGP next weekend.

Marc Marquez has been out of action since July last year after breaking his humerus after a spectacular crash in the Spanish Grand Prix, after the season got underway following COVID-19. After trying to ride with his broken bone the next weekend, he injured it more and it required a lengthy rehabilitation process to get his arm strength back. During his recovery, his healing bone got infected, further lengthening the recovery process.

Today though, the Hospital Ruber medical team cleared him to race in the next Grand Prix at Portugal next weekend.

The statement reads:

“In the review carried out on Marc Marquez by the Hospital Ruber Internacional medical team, four months after surgery, led by doctors Samuel Antuna and Ignacio Roger de Ona, and made up of doctors De Miguel, Ibrazabal, and Garcia Villanueva, for an infected pseudoarthrosis of the right humerus, a very satisfactory clinical condition was found, with evident progress in the bone consolidation process. In the current situation, Marquez can return to competition, assuming the reasonable risk implicit in his sporting activity.”

This means we will likely see the number 93 back in his Honda in a weeks time at the Portimao Circuit in Portugal.

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