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Latifi: Williams to be better at Imola

Image Credits: Williams F1 team

Nicholas Latifi has said he predicts Williams will have more performance at Imola, after a difficult weekend at Bahrain.

We know from testing the FW43B is not a good car in windy conditions, as per George Russell saying so after the test sessions. Latifi believes the car will be much better suited to the fast, flowing nature of the Imola circuit, which we saw evidence of last year when Russell was in the points on pace before dumping the car into the wall.

Latifi said in an interview;

“Despite the difficulties we faced, obviously the main problem was the engine, I think the car pleasantly surprised me in a few aspects comparing to how it felt in testing and last year. I guess there is a bit of hope and optimism on that side going to a track which hopefully has more stable wind conditions, a track that I think the layout of the track will suit our car better. We are curious to see how we’re going to perform and get a truer read on where we will be for the rest of the year.”

Imola plays host to round 2 of the 2021 Formula 1 season, with the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix to be held next weekend.

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