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Dennis thinks absence of yellow flags at fault for FP1 crash

Oliver Turvey (NIO333). Credits: FIA Formula E Media Area.

Jake Dennis thinks that the stewards should have shown either yellow or red flags to avoid the big crash caused by Oliver Turvey during the FP1 in Rome. 

The BMW driver and Jean-Eric Vergne were going very slowly just after the end of the first free practice session when Turvey hit them from behind while coming very fast. 

The NIO 333 driver approached turn six quickly since he did not know that the cars were standing still on the track. Because of that, he hit both Vergne and Dennis that were preparing to make a practice start. 

Luckily, no one was injured, but all three drivers will likely miss the second free practice session since the cars will need to be fixed. Moreover, the teams also fear missing qualifying due to the significant damages. 

Dennis gave his opinion about the incident: “In his defense, there was a poor effort in terms of no red flag, no yellow flag. Nothing.

“Turvey was pushing, which is a bit stupid after a chequered flag.

“The speed he arrived at, he wasn’t making the first row [for the practice starts]. He was going to hit someone, and it just happened to be me and [Vergne] who were the next ones to line up.

“It’s not an optimum situation for a practice start, but we all knew we were doing practice starts. He just forgot; the team didn’t tell him.

“It’s a completely blind this corner. Even during the session, I was thinking ‘if someone crashes here, for sure you hit them’. He couldn’t do anything by the time he saw us.”

Roger Griffiths, BMW Andretti Team Principal, thinks that Turvey should have slowed down since the session was already over. 

“I know it’s a little confusing here with the offset dummy grid. But it’s not the first time we’ve done it, let’s just say.

“We were completely innocent to it. I’m somewhat surprised there isn’t more damage.”

Finally, Mark Preston, DS Techeetah’s boss, said that Vergne was fine after the crash. Then, he added: “The drivers have crossed the chequered flag, so they knew it was the end of the session.

“The crash plucked the rear right off [the car]. It pulled the rear suspension and everything with it”.

Vergne concluded: “It was the first time in my life I have a crash without seeing it coming. The good thing from my side is that I didn’t have time to get scared.” 

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