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Jaguar commits to Gen3 era

Sam Bird (GBR) Panasonic Jaguar Racing, Jaguar I-Type 5, heads to the grid

Jaguar has become the latest manufacturer to commit to Formula E’s Gen3 regulations.

The manufacturer will not publicly announce its long-term commitment to Formula E, however, as they want to further develop their motorsports plan for the future.

“What I can confirm is that we have signed the Gen3 registration,” said Jaguar Racing Formula E Director Jame Barclay. “We have done it.

“We’ve signed the registration document and we are continuing our development. The FIA has given a registration timeline but the announcement about our future motorsport plans will form the next part of our Reimagine strategy.

“At this point in time, we have nothing more to say. We’ve signed it, the registration, we’re continuing our development for Gen3. More news on our motorsport plan will follow.

“If you want to be in Gen3, you have to sign and continue development. It is really the first stage where [we] get the first information on the car. We’re still waiting for further detail in some areas.

“Fundamentally, it gives us enough information to start our understanding of the packaging of the car. It’s the basic building blocks. Very early days. It’s an important time to get the context. But there’s a lot more info to come,” he concluded.

Jaguar is the sixth manufacturer to sign up to the new regulations, with Mercedes announcing last week it would delay their registration until further clarification regarding the “structure of the series” is given.

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