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Dragon delays introduction of new car

Nico Mueller (DRAGON / PENSKE AUTOSPORT), Diriyah E-Prix – Credit: Courtesy of Formula E

Dragon Penske Autosport has announced that the new car will not be used at the Rome E-Prix this weekend as planned, but rather at Monaco in May.

They therefore want to continue to count on the second of three FIA powertrain homologation options and only switch to the new car later this year.

This later homologation window came into effect on April 5, but they are still fielding their Penske EV-4 machine for the Rome race. This is also the first race to take place after the “cut-off date”.

Meanwhile, there was no official statement from the team’s side, but driver Sergio Sette Camara commented: “They just chose to bring the old car. The reasons one might choose that are quite straightforward. You don’t bring a car until you’re 100% sure of its ability to improve in every single aspect. That might mean anything from something which is not done – reliability, performance. Also, strategy. We’ve been instructed not to give details on exactly what it is, although I wanted to share it, it’s nothing so big.”

Despite the car still being old, Camara doesn’t see himself in the underdog role and remains positive after his fourth place in the second race in Diriyah: “It should be alright to do many races with this car. Sometimes it’s better to wait and get the good out of the new car because we’re going to keep this for a long time. Even when the team is 100% sure the car is better, something can still happen.”

Nico Muller, also a driver for Dragon, said: “It was a team decision to stick with the old car here. I’ll just take it. We’ve seen that it’s not too bad in Riyadh. We know what we have, we know what to expect from it. It can also be a positive. And that’s how I try to see it to just get the most out of the package I have.”

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