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Aston Martin ‘haven’t given up’ on 2021, says Szafnauer

Sebastian Vettel at the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix. Credits: Reddit.

Despite a rocky start to the 2021 season at Bahrain, Aston Martin assures they “haven’t given up” on their new AMR21.

Aston Martin, previously Racing Point, left Bahrain with a bitter feeling, only managing to extract one point from the weekend after an astounding end to last season, which saw them win their first race at Sakhir. The rebranded team struggled to come to grips with the new car, changes to aerodynamic regulations likely to blame for their misfortune. Similar to reigning champions Mercedes, Aston Martin’s new AMR21 incorporates the low-rake design, which the teams have noticed after some analysis is badly affected by the rule changes. Cars with high-rake setups, however, seem to be favored by these modifications. This is why both Mercedes and Aston Martin encountered some struggles in pre-season testing, struggling to meet the standards they set for themselves.

While Mercedes seems to have partially overcome their problems after a narrow win at Bahrain, Aston Martin has been left in the dust. However, team principal Otmar Szafnauer believes they can follow in the German team’s footsteps, stating that they ‘haven’t given up’ and ‘there’s more to come’ for their 2021 challenger.

“We have found things in the [wind] tunnel and in CFD,” he explained. “So we’ll start bringing them to the track pretty soon. It’s just a matter of clawing back the deficit that was imposed on us by the FIA through their regulation change based on safety.”

“From talking to some of the other teams, they seem to have made up the entire deficit and we haven’t. And that’s just because of the different aero philosophy we run. So we’ll work hard to get that done in the next few races.”

“The changes were all made around the rear of the floor around the tire area so that’s where we have to start looking for more downforce,” he added. “So it’ll be rear downforce that we’re looking to improve. And with that comes better balance of being able to dial in more front wing and the whole thing just takes off.”

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