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Toto Wolff hopes Hamilton continues with Mercedes

Image Credits: Mercedes AMG F1 Team/Daimler

Toto Wolff has said he ‘very much hopes’ Lewis Hamilton will extend his contract with Mercedes part 2021.

Hamilton’s contract talks went well into the new year in 2021, with the Brit being a free agent for almost two months before he signed the contract in February. Both Hamilton and Mercedes are 7-time title winners, gunning for an eighth amid stiff competition from Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Wolff is adamant he wants Hamilton, now 36, to stay at Mercedes into the new rules of 2022 and beyond.

“I very much hope so; the journey that we have had together was very successful. He has been a Mercedes driver – a Mercedes kid since his go-karting years. He never raced a single weekend in Formula 1 without a Mercedes power unit, so it’s the logical continuation of the story,” he said in an interview with F1.

“We don’t want to leave it until January to confirm the two drivers. Valtteri was pretty regular during the summer – this is when it should happen. Also, to give the driver peace of mind, or be able to concentrate on the job.”

“We are not doubting either Valtteri or Lewis but discussions obviously are going to happen – but not in January next year.”

Hamilton will be hoping to hang onto a title lead in Imola, where the higher downforce may prove to be the achilles heel for the three pointed star.

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