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Sprint races future of F1, says Montoya

Valtteri Bottas during the Bahrain GP. Credits: Daimler Global Media Site.

The former F1 driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, strongly believes that the new idea of sprint races is the right “way to go” if Liberty Media wants to improve the sport. 

After many months of discussion on whether to add the sprint races to the race weekend or not, it seems that the teams and Liberty Media finally agreed on what to do. Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 CEO, said that everything is almost ready and only some details are missing. 

On the grid, some drivers are in favor of this new format, while others do not like it. Anyway, Montoya believes that this is a great idea, and he is in favor of adding it. 

“Formula 1 has been very interesting since Liberty Media arrived. There have been many changes, and honestly, when you go to the ‘paddock’ it is shocking how well it is currently,” Montoya said during an interview.

“It will be interesting to see how Liberty Media and F1 approach the issue of attention. They will start to realize that people’s attention spans are reduced, so you can’t expect people to sit down to watch a race on television for two hours.

“People like us who love the sport, we do it, but with the younger generations, they are going to suffer. I think F1 is considering racing as a ‘sprint’ and I think this is the way to go,” he added.

Moreover, the former Formula 1 driver likes the new regulations that are going to be added in 2022. However, he believes that the top teams will still be the favorite, and they will continue to remain ahead of everyone. 

“I’m sure people will find loopholes, but as time goes on, things will get better. The best teams have no limits, and they do whatever it takes to win. Compressing everyone will be better for the show.

“I think the best teams will continue to win. Those will be the ones with the best ideas. Even if you give them half the time, they will probably do a better job.”

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