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Luca de Meo to monitor Alpine closely

Fernando Alonso during the Bahrain GP. Credits: Reddit.

Luca de Meo loves racing and competition, and with his arrival at Alpine, he wants to make sure that the French team can go back to winning races and championships. 

His arrival has been a shock for Renault, which was then re-branded as Alpine. He already has the goal to put the team on the right path to win in Formula 1. The Italian knows that building a winning team in the pinnacle of motorsport is not a matter of one or two seasons, but he is ready to do everything to help Alpine. That is why he renewed the leadership of the team, replacing Jerome Stoll and the former Team Principal, Cyril Abiteboul. 

“We needed a more integrated team at Renault, more directly linked to me. In the end, there were not many changes. It was only necessary to reinforce the management with the internal promotion of Marcin Budkowski and the signing of Davide Brivio.”

Luca de Meo also admitted that betting on Formula 1 is a risk: “You don’t always get a return on your investment. But I took into account the cost reduction path started by the FIA, without thereby losing F1 role as a laboratory for production cars.”

Finally, the Italian said that he needs to be patient, but he is aware that it is essential to offer a show: “Of course I want to win, to be regularly on the podium to ensure that the brand has visibility. But the competition must be spectacular and not boring.

“In this sense, I am satisfied with the path taken by Liberty Media, with how marketing is directed towards digital and social media, with an immediate impact. It is becoming more and more attractive, and that brings us closer to new generations of public. In a sense, the Netflix series has given us a great boost,” he added.

Finally, de Meo said that the sport should also take action on the technological and environmental side of the category: “We have to adapt F1 to the idea of ​​sustainable development, which serves to develop efficient technologies with minimal impact on the environment. This must be the right direction, although at the moment it is not yet like that, and some corrections must be made as quickly as possible.”

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