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Ferrari engine improvements may be unknown for “three-four qualifyings”, per Mekies

Carlos Sainz at the Bahrain GP. Credits: Reddit.

Ferrari’s sporting director Laurent Mekies thinks that the real scale of improvements of the power unit will be realized after several events.

After a struggling 2020 season, Ferrari seems to has started the path back to the top of the grid. One of key parts of Ferrari’s relatively strong performance in Bahrain was the new engine, which helped the team gain the straighline speed. Despite early optimism, Ferrari’s Laurent Mekies supposed that the scale of progress would be really seen after a couple of races.

“We have improved, no doubt, so we are okay with what we see. But there is always work to do to extract the most of it at the race track, because [in Bahrain] it’s special conditions. You go from super hot afternoon peak temperatures to racing at night,” Mekies said.

“Of course we know exactly our numbers, but I think the question is what does that number becomes when you factor in the progression of the others. And there again, I think the real answer to that you’ll discover when you analyze qualifying,” he added.

“Because of the nature of these estimations, you need a few qualifyings to make sure that you have a reliable number where you can go back to the factory and say: ‘okay, guys, we know what we have progressed, and this is now where we stand compared to the others, and therefore that’s probably what they have done themselves in the winter’.”

“I think that will happen after two, three, or maybe four qualifyings, where you have a consolidated number of estimation of the other guys’ output,” Mekies said in the conclusion.

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